Content Report – International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference

From Oil Bunkering to Kidnapping for Ransom:
An Exploration of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

2020 represented a year of worrying escalation of piracy for coastal West Africa, centring around the Gulf of Guinea region. The combination of growing unemployment and increased financial hardship in West Africa – exacerbated by the global impact of COVID-19 – as well as the rise in maritime activity in the Gulf of Guinea has created fertile conditions for piracy to thrive.

We examine the nature of the threat of piracy in 2021, and how West African nations plan to counter it, both individually and collaboratively.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • Overview of Gulf of Guinea piracy in 2021
  • Major piracy incidents from 2020 to date
  • Emerging counter-piracy plans and operations
  • Key regional counter-piracy procurements