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Find out the major piracy incidents in the Gulf of Guinea and the emerging counter-piracy plans and operations

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The 2nd International Maritime Defense Exhibitionand Conference (IMDEC) 6-8 July 2021 will feature the largest gathering of Africa’s maritime industry, as we host regional and international Chiefs of Naval Staff to address the principal issues facing maritime security onthe continent. This biennial gathering will feature a not able two-day conference and exhibition in which the gathere dregional Armed Forces can deliberate the increasing lyvolatile maritime threats facing Africa’s territorial waters.The 2nd edition of IMDEC will also welcome greater participation from regional Air Forces, as the Ghana Air Force will be an official event partner to highlight the significance of air-maritime cooperation.
In-depth panel discussions, breakout sessions and extensivesite visits to Ghana’s naval and air bases further highlight this celebration as the premier strategic gathering of Africa’s Navies, Air Forces, Coast Guards, Port and Coastal Authorities, Marine Police and related Ministries.


Rear Admiral Nguessan Kouame Chief of Naval Staff Ivory Coast Navy

Captain Pedro Santana, Commander of the Coast Guard, Cape Verde

Captain Philip Juana, Commander, Sierra Leone Navy

Dr. Dieng Abdourahmane (Rtd Col), Head Regional Security Division, ECOWAS Commission



Site Visits

These tours of Ghana’s Air and Naval bases will consist of in-depth walk throughs of the naval dockyard and air base as well as private vessel tours to further display the advanced capabilities of Ghana’s Naval and Air Force fleet. This is a key opportunity for solution providers to gain first-hand knowledge and share their product offerings.

Limited spaces available so secure your spot NOW. Register Here.

Awards Ceremony

Awards will be presented during the events opening ceremony to the key VVIP’s in attendance for their participation and commitment to furthering regional cooperation and enhancing capabilities within the Gulf of Guinea.

Gala Dinner

On July 6th we will host an exclusive dinner for only the VVIP attendees of IMDEC. This will include the gathered chiefs of naval and air staff as well as prominent dignitaries from Ghana’s Armed Forces and Political Leadership.

Cocktail Reception

On July 7th after the first day of the conference, we will host a cocktail reception for all attendees of IMDEC in order to further facilitate networking amongst the event’s prominent stakeholders.


Premier gathering of Africa’s maritime stakeholders

Fostering regional interagency collaboration to stabilize maritime security and economic development.

Witness an executive gathering of 15+ Chiefs of Naval and Air staff addressing the regions key maritime requirements.

Providing a framework for facilitating joint-operations to boost naval capabilities and protecting regional waters.

Deepen strategic partnerships amongst International and Regional Navies to develop cooperative solutions.






Air Forces


Coast Guards


Maritime Police


Ministries of Interior


Ministries of Defense


Drug and Law Enforcement Agencies


Ministries of Fisheries and Aquaculture


Maritime Authorities including Port and Coastal authorities



Chief of Naval Staff (CNS)


Chief of Air Staff


Director of Naval/ Air Operations


Director General or Managing Director


Director of Policy and Plans


Director of Naval Logistics


Chief of Naval Safety and Standard


Director of Armament Supplies


Director, Fisheries Enforcement Unit


*This agenda is still pending Ghana Navy and Ghana Air Force approval of topics and sessions*

08:00 VVIP Executive Breakfast (Invite Only)
Attendees will discuss the desired outcomes of IMDEC and identify recommendations for improved joint-maritime security strategies.
10:00 Official Opening Ceremony
Chairman welcome remarks
Awards of Appreciation presented to VIP attendees
Ribbon cutting ceremony and VIP exhibition tour
11:00 Opening keynote speech: Ghana Navy – Exemplar of naval excellence
Reserved: Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu, Chief of Naval Staff, Ghana Navy
Air-Maritime Cooperation: Strengthening interoperability
11:10 CNS and CAS Keynote Panel Discussion: Current and future plans to combat piracy on the Gulf of Guinea

  • Identifying the efforts of each nation in eradicating piracy and evolving threats
  • Incorporating the intelligence, expertise, and domain awareness of regional forces to better protect both maritime and land
  • Creating an effective road map for the coordination of multi- nation operations to overcome piracy
12:00 Key technology innovations within the maritime sector

  • Identifying proficiency gaps in existing systems and the key technologies required to optimize resource efficiency
  • Leveraging advanced technology to enhance and complement existing products and systems
  • Enhancing operational success through tailored solutions for the region’s maritime and air forces

Reserved: Isreal Shipyards

12:20 Executive Panel Discussion: Coordination between Navies, Air Forces, law enforcement, logistics, and the oil sector

  • Increasing the monitoring of critical infrastructure and national resources through collaboration of shipping, oil and gas companies, emergency responders and law enforcement bodies
  • Implementing targeted task forces to protect critical vessels and shipping lanes
  • Combining resources (such as vessels, fast interceptor crafts and trained local personnel) to better combat militants
13:00 Networking Break
Combatting illegal activity at sea
13:30 Innovation session

  • This session will highlight the latest technologies in air and maritime security. The session consists of three, 10-minute, back-to-back presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights on the successful application of a variety of innovations and case-studies

1) Reserved: Schibel

14:00 Increasing aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities
Increased application of maritime air surveillance and satellite imagery through aircrafts and autonomous systems
Integrating these systems within command-and-control frameworks to best secure open seas and circumvent illicit activity
Leveraging collected data to empower real time combat readiness to better protect commercial vessels and employ limited security resources
Reserved: Airbus
14:20 Networking Lunch
15:30 Executive Panel Discussion: Curbing illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing

  • Using a cooperative approach to better understand the methods for dealing with IUU threats
  • Identifying the programs necessary to support local fisheries while blocking foreign vessels from industrial trawling
  • Strengthening inter-ministerial efforts in combatting IUU
16:15 Executive Panel Discussion: Innovative methods to combat threats within the Gulf of Guinea

  • Addressing the regions evolving threats such as maritime terrorism and the most effective strategies to interdict
  • Classifying the most beneficial vessels and aerial support to secure the region against existing threats while still optimizing current capabilities
  • Implementing the necessary platforms and systems to deploy more effective counter-piracy, counterterrorism, illegal bunkering and IUU operations
  • Adopting a collaborative approach for development and training of maritime and Air Force personnel
17:00 Chairman closing remarks
18:00 – 20:00 Cocktail Reception
8:50 Chairman opening remarks
9:00 Opening keynote speech: Ghana Air Force
Reserved: Air Vice Marshal Frank Hanson, Chief of Air Staff, Ghana Air Force
Next Steps: Interagency approaches and requirements
9:10 Executive Panel Discussion: COVID-19 resilience- Empowering capacity building and information sharing

  • Identifying the immediate requirements presented by COVID-19 for the regional militaries, health/medical stakeholders, ports, and law enforcement
  • Developing the long- and short-term capacity building initiatives to better control regional waters
  • Involving a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve greater information sharing
10:00 Advanced systems to support multi- domain operations

  • Upgrading maritime security capabilities to detect and prevent against increasingly volatile threats
  • Limiting exposure to malicious threats with advanced networks of command and control systems

Incorporating innovative security risk management into existing vessel security systems

Protecting and conserving Africa’s “Blue Economy”
10:20 Executive Panel Discussion: Maritime Security and Trade- The Nexus between a secured maritime domain and a developed blue economy

  • Creating a framework for regional collaboration against maritime crimes with all trade-related parties
  • Recognizing AfCFTA as the blueprint to improve trade facilitation through maritime transport
  • Developing the collective blue economy to ensure long-term sustainability of growth
11:00 Collective maritime administration and partnership

  • Increasing regulations and management related to shipping, maritime labor and coastal waters of a nation
  • Strengthening maritime administrations across Africa within cooperative frameworks
  • Benchmarking existing partnerships between maritime forces and administration bodies to outline the necessity of collaboration
11:20 Networking break
12:00 Innovation Session (3 vendors)

  • This session will highlight the latest technologies in air and maritime security. The session consists of three, 10-minute, back-to-back presentations from experts in the industry who will provide insights on the successful application of a variety of innovations and case-studies
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
12:30 Executive Panel Discussions: Maintaining and enhancing vessels and aircrafts at high operational readiness

  • Enhancing communication between Navies, Air Forces, Coast Guards, and manufacturers to design the most efficient assets
  • Meeting all expectations to ensure fleets are in the optimum condition to achieve their mission
  • Efficiently identifying when new parts and upgrades are needed through closely monitored supply-chains
13:10 Identifying the best partners for MRO facilities

  • Determining the requirements for current and future equipment and the capabilities of local personnel
  • Expanding the capacity of MRO facilities to meet future standards
  • Working with international and regional shipbuilders/ aircraft manufacturers and certifiers to improve optimization
13:30 Official Summary and Recommendations: IMDEC 2021
Moderated by the Event Chairman, this keynote closing panel will highlight the key takeaways and discussions of IMDEC, as well as list the most significant recommendations for improved maritime security within the Gulf of Guinea as determined by the event’s prominent experts.
14:00 Closing Ceremony
Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, Chief of Defense Staff, Ghana Armed Forces
Networking Lunch






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